Edea Intro Ice Discovery Package

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Boot: EDEA Motivo (Ivory or Black)
Blade:  EDEA Balancé
Custom Skates US Mounting

 The Ice Discovery Package is everything you need to get started in ice skating. It is designed as an introductory package that pairs EDEA’s Balancé blade and Motivo boot for best results right out of the box.

  • These Packages ARE the Packages, No CUSTOMER Substitutions.
  • Skates US may substitute products of equal or higher value at no additional charge.
  • Packages are Custom Mounted and Assembled after the order is placed.  Please allow for this time.
  • Be SURE of your SIZE before ordering!
  • Please note that Packages, once MOUNTED, are considered final and are not returnable.

Euro, American Men, and American Ladies are meant as a reference ONLY,  Please make Tracings and Measure the Tracings to help with EDEA

Ice-Discovery Ice Discovery Introduction