Edea Odor & Moisture Absorber

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The EDEA ODOR & MOISTURE ABSORBER is An Active Carbon & Silica Gel Odor & Moisture Absorber that helps to pull both the Odor and Moisture out of the Skating Boots after using them. 

Stay Sharp Sports provides the EDEA Odor & Moisture Absorber in sets of Two (2) or a Pair, one for each Skate.

How to use the Odor & Moisture Absorber 

Remove the Absorber from the Outer Package and Put it Inside your Skates when Not in Use.

After Using the Absorber (when putting the Skates back on), replace it in the outer package and reseal the Package. Please be sure the package seals so it can re-generate.

The EDEA Odor & Moisture Absorber Will last approximately 8 Months and is a Non-Toxic Product, but Do Not Swallow and do not Litter. Made in Italy.