Edea Skate Grip Gloves

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EDEA Skate Grip Gloves

Colors and Sizes Available:

Skin Color          Small – Medium – Large

White Color       Small – Medium – Large

Black Color         Small – Medium – Large

EDEA Skate Grip Gloves are wonderfully warm and have great grip dots on the palm side of the gbloves.

These gloves are made of soft acrylic (95%) and elastan (5%), so they can fit perfectly.

The great grip skate gloves are in Skin, White, and Black and 3 sizes: Small (age 5-10), Medium (age 11-15), and Large (age >16).

The Gloves are designed with a close-fitting wrist for comfort.  Training hard sometimes means tumbles.  These gloves have a series of rubber grip dots on the palm to absorb the shock of impacts and provide a better grip for getting up.